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The Sacred and the Waters

Aprile 8, 2022

Ecomuseo del Paesaggio Orvietano

Ecomuseo del Vano

On April 8, 2022, the first meeting took place between the Ecomuseo del Paesaggio Orvietano (EPO) and the Ecomuseo del Vanoi (EDV), in presence and online at L’Officina, a cultural and re-creative center recently opened in Monteleone D’Orvieto.


The meeting was an open discussion for the launch of a project that will involve researchers and artists, anthropologists and artisans, historians, storytellers and enthusiasts, on the theme of water and the sacred. The proposal of the two Ecomuseums (“Santi Ecomusei”) stems from the research and experiences carried out over the last 20 years by both Ecomuseums, which in their constituent projects identified 7 themes, including the Sacred and Water.


An initiative that aims to give visibility and contemporary form to the SACRED in relation to WATER in its territories, which finds a new dimension in the collaboration between the two Ecomuseums, involving local communities. The two realities in dialogue have emphasized the impact of water in both landscapes, creating extremely different values ​​and perceptions. Indeed, where the presence of water tends to be excessive and even violent in Trentino, Umbria’s scarcity has given rise to very different realities and practices. In both cases a relationship between man and nature is often hardly articulated, nevertheless needs new approaches for more intimate and profound landscape conservation, that include the soul and spirit of the place and their inhabitants, to relate to the different and new perspectives in an advanced technological society. Water as a vital element, in fact, has been interpreted as an expression of the sacred in all human communities, as the protagonist of the spiritual life of the people.


This dual project will carry out in-depth archival research on the theme of water. It will consist of collecting testimonies, memories, and experiences on the intimate relationship of local populations with the perceived sacredness of water, but also of exchanging experiences between these two realities. To ensure that sources, springs, real rivers and stories, memories, original experiences, and traditions won’t just stay well documented, available and accessible, but will return to irrigate our inner landscapes as well. The research work will support and nourish the expression of creative souls, artists and craftsmen, who will give shape using living materials, such as wood and clay, to meditative works of art, from the fruit of a silent inner search.


With the ambitious goal of giving shape to the sacred by linking it to the physical and symbolic element that is water, the artist will absorb the local identity of his workplace and will be the architect of a transformation of heritage perspective. Aware of the past and local specificities, they will propose works that will be deeply rooted in the landscape and at the same time will be bearers of universality, to make sense of the conservation of one’s own specificity.


The next step of the itinerary, scheduled for June 2022 will be the actual start of the project, with the direct involvement of artists, artisans, researchers, community animators from both the ecomuseums, and will be welcomed again by the cultural and exhibition space of L’Officina.

Inner Pathways, Poetart

Aprile 23, 2022


Poetart, Inner Pathways, a poetic theater performance.


On the night of Saturday April 23rd, 2022, at L’ OFFICINA, in the heart of Monteleone D’Orvieto, Paola Tortora’s Poetart troupe staged fifteen poems by Rosenda Arcioni Meer, founder of L’OFFICINA, artist and sophrologist. The initiative was launched by Paola, as part of her cultural association VintuleraTeatro, which explores the theatrical tradition of the South using mediums such as music, philosophy, and meditation.


The performance started when Paola made the audience form a large circle, thus setting and the tone of the evening, creating an intimate space. Throughout the show, the audience followed the movement of the actors through the Officina.


Reading each poem and observing the canvas that accompanies it, the six actors plunged into Rosenda’s world. Compositions such as “In the Birch Forest”, “Gash of light” or “The wonder”, bathed in a mysterious atmosphere composed of drums, candles, shadows and changing lights. The actors were transformed into ancient theatre choirs or Sufi dancers swirling in white sheets. A mystical atmosphere, full of incantations, heartbeats and chants of Paola transported the spectators to a state of collected lightness for an evening.


We will inhabit the world
Like a home
Fragrant and clean,
And we will hold each other’s hand.”
Inhabiting the world

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