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sofrologia attività officina aps

SOPHROLOGY, living in harmony

Workshops for adults and children, in groups or individually, aimed at learning breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques.

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Art that is life

Group workshops for children and adults to discover their own creativity through movement, breathing, writing and drawing. For these forms of expression there is no need for any artistic knowledge, just the desire to listen to one’s inner world.

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fotografia attività officina aps

Photography, the book about me

Workshop for children and teenagers aged 10 to 16 who make a book about themselves, reflecting on their own experiences and interviewing parents, grandparents and friends. An approach to photography that follows the curriculum of the association “Outside the lens”.

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ceramica terra mia officina aps attività

Ceramics, Terra mia

Workshop for adults. Knowing how to listen to the earth in the microcosm of a piece of clay to give shape to our inner world.

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Let’s play in ENGLISH

Workshops in English for children and teenagers aged 6 to 16, learning the language through play.

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officina aps india circle attività

The India circle

A weekly meeting for India lovers to discuss various topics related to this great country, its culture, history and development, with the possibility of using the research support offered by L’OFFICINA’s vast library.

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A space where workshops and conferences, theatrical performances and exhibitions take place, where people and associations converge to learn and teach, share and imagine together.