l'associazione officina aps

The Officina


Our workshop is a structure built in the 90s, born as a mechanical atelier for the repair of motor vehicles and for their display, its walls are infused with work and passion. Its large and modular spaces have ignited our imagination and we decided to create L’ OFFICINA, a study center dedicated to creativity that produces well-being, hoping to inspire in young people the desire to approach creative and artistic professions.


It is re-creative circle as well, in which exchanges take place involving both local populations and travelers who come here regularly or sporadically. A kind of “imaginarium”, a place of life to visit and in which to wander, to volunteer, to get involved. A serene place in which to choose a book from a large library, let yourself go playing with various materials made available, realize ideas, have an optimal experience in a state of flow. A space for workshops, conferences, film screenings and discussions on a given subject, a place where people converge to learn and teach, share and imagine solutions together.


The ANA School of Creativity has found a home at L’OFFICINA where its founder, Rosenda Arcioni Meer, wishes to put at the service of the community her long experience in various domains of creativity: www.anaschoolofcreativity.org


To find out more, write or call the WhatsApp number: +39 338 90 25 234

A space where workshops and conferences, theatrical performances and exhibitions take place, where people and associations converge to learn and teach, share and imagine together.