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 L’OFFICINA is a home for creativity open to those who wish to collaborate and who believe in the old adage “unity is strength”.

So far we have collaborated with:

emozioni himalayane rosenda arcioni meer

Himalayan Emotions

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banda del comitato

The Committee Band

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francesca arcuri

Francesca Arcuri

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jan salman meer

Jan Salman Meer

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nicola dal falco poesie

Nicola dal Falco

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carlo pellegrini due monteleone d'orvieto

Carlo Pellegrini

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associazione xenia

Association Xenia

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rosenda arcioni meer cashmere

Women Air

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veronica galeazzo

Veronica Galeazzo

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valentina vannicola

Valentina Vannicola

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comunità monteleone d'orvieto

The local community

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lucia roncella

Lucia Roncella

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collaborazioni musei


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ana school of creativity

ANA School of Creativity

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paola tortora

Paola Tortora of Vintulera Theater

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A space where workshops and conferences, theatrical performances and exhibitions take place, where people and associations converge to learn and teach, share and imagine together.